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August 10, 20220

An uncontested divorce in Clearwater FL requires couples agree on many important issues. The bedrock of what an uncontested divorce lawyer in Clearwater prepares for clients is a marital settlement agreement (MSA for short). A marital settlement agreement must include terms about equitably (equally or otherwise fairly) splitting property (personal and real property) and debts. Whether alimony is a consideration or being waived, the MSA should include language addressing spousal support. Couples with minor children must furnish the court with a parenting plan. The parenting plan must address child support payments and time-sharing or custody. Jonathan Jacobs is an uncontested Clearwater divorce attorney who will help you achieve an amicable divorce. Call 407-335-8113 today to schedule your consultation.

When considering of an uncontested divorce in Clearwater FL, people commonly think of physical possessions like homes, boats, and cars. Marital property additionally includes investments, like pensions, 401Ks, and other retirement benefits. Having an experienced uncontested divorce lawyer Clearwater FL helps ensure a fair settlement. Most of your earnings and investments after your wedding date may be considered marital property. Clearwater Divorce Attorney Jacobs takes cases that include splitting assets. Retirement funds are subject to an equitable or fair division between both spouses. When done amicably, couples agree on how to divide it amongst themselves. Gain insight by setting up a consultation with Clearwater Divorce Lawyer Jacobs. Please call 407-335-8113 to learn about your uncontested divorce in Clearwater FL.

Some couples decide to walk away from the marriage and hold onto their personal accounts. Your uncontested divorce lawyer Clearwater FL can explain the implications of retirement funds. Based on the age of each spouse, this decision may be difficult. Some younger couples do not want to tap into their partners’ retirement savings. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney can help guide you. Retirement funds sometimes change the course of a couple’s private negotiations. Consulting with an uncontested divorce lawyer Clearwater FL is important.

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Couples who own a home or other physical marital property can figure out how to split it. Solutions vary based on the relationship and family dynamics your case presents. Spouses may decide to sell the property, or one may buy the other out to own the home or other property outright. Your uncontested divorce lawyer Clearwater FL will draft the dissolution to the terms. Also, sometimes couples agree on a temporary living arrangement through the transition. Whatever you decide, Clearwater Divorce Attorney Jacobs will prepare the settlement. Jacobs Law Firm will help e-file your uncontested divorce case Book your consultation with Jacobs Law Firm today. Call our office at 407-335-8113 for the help you need.

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