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No Court Appearance!

Most people know one of the enormous benefits is uncontested divorce Florida no court appearance. You read correctly. In many circuit courts across Florida, you may obtain a Florida divorce uncontested without having to appear before a judge. Hiring an attorney, public speaking, and/or a fear of spiders can be overwhelming. Hiring a Florida uncontested divorce attorney may allow you to obtain what we call an attorney uncontested divorce. In many venues around Florida, the circuit court will allow attorneys representing their clients to submit your paperwork electronically or even by U.S. Mail. This would be a terrific way to finalize a divorce. Before we get you to that point, a lot of work must be done to ensure that your case is ready for the court’s review and will be approved by the judge.

Uncontested divorce Florida no court appearance is about preparing all of your required documents and ensuring they are ready for court submission and approval. For example, a common mistake that self-represented litigants make is filing only some of the required documents, which may cause delays in a case. Another example is that you may need an income withholding order or an income deduction order to secure alimony and or child support through an employer. If you are going to have an amicable divorce, it is not just about the agreement of you and your spouse, it is also about your ability to provide the court with the paperwork they need. Judges are not trying to be difficult; they are trying to be thorough to ensure the transparency and functionality of the court. If you are missing key documents required by the State of Florida, you may need to hire us to help you.

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The Florida e-filing portal

Ultimately, hiring us to do an uncontested divorce Florida no court appearance means your documents are well-drafted, filed through the Florida e-filing portal, the judge has reviewed them, and they allow uncontested divorce attorneys to submit your final paperwork (more documents than you might think) through e-mail, by mail, or by uploading a proposed order and cover letter through the e-filing portal.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an uncontested divorce Florida no court appearance is that you will not have to visit the courthouse, spend hours in line and waiting for a short hearing and perhaps have to appear with your soon-to-be former spouse in a legal setting. Many courts will allow you to appear, if a short hearing is required, by Teams, Zoom, WebEx, or even by telephone.

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