Cost Of Uncontested Divorce In Florida

How much does the average divorce cost in Florida?

How much does the average divorce cost in Florida? The cost of uncontested divorce in Florida starts from as low as $1,000 for a simplified dissolution of marriage, to $2,000 or more for an uncontested dissolution case. The price may be higher if you have substantial assets and parenting issues to resolve. The more paperwork and legal advice you require, the greater the cost will be as your case may require more time to be resolved. The average cost, if yours is a traditional/contested case, ranges from $3,500 to potentially $25,000 or more. It is difficult to determine the true cost of your divorce in Florida. The best way to find out the estimated cost of your divorce is to consult with our attorney and find out how your case may be successfully resolved. Go over all of your issues, facts, circumstances, assets, liabilities, parenting qualms, and we will let you know how much the cost is likely to be and how we plan on helping you. Plan ahead, and be smart about your preparations. Be careful about chasing low prices that include no attorney advice, poor service, and inaccurate or incomplete documents. The best way is to work with a seasoned and welcoming uncontested divorce lawyer to settle ALL of your issues in an amicable and reasonable way. Call Jacobs Law Firm at 407-335-8113 for the help you need and discuss the cost of divorce in Florida.

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Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Florida

The cost of uncontested divorce in Florida is much lower than the price of a contested or a collaborative divorce, i.e. the average price of a divorce in Florida. The reasons for all of the savings are:

1. An uncontested divorce is likely to settle within a reasonable period of time, 2. There is generally one attorney that does all drafting, and this can avoid additional quarreling and fighting, 3. There is likely to be limited exchange of financial discovery, and 4. You and your spouse are supposed to enter this process with a firm grasp as to what terms you are seeking or have already agreed upon.

The average cost of divorce in Florida can place a financial burden on spouses. Racking up credit card debt to defend oneself or to go after a superior litigation position may seem necessary, but there are alternatives if both sides agree. How much does the average divorce cost in Florida depends on how far you and/or your spouse are willing to go financially to pursue a victory. The cost of uncontested divorce in Florida seems far more appealing and beneficial for families and children who could benefit from those monies being use for their education and other needs and necessities.

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