Uncontested Divorce
In Florida With Child

Uncontested Divorce Florida With Children

Perhaps the most unique and important type of amicable dissolution of marriage is an uncontested divorce in Florida with child. An uncontested divorce Florida with children requires several additional documents that are essential to your family’s case. For example, when there are minor children (kids under the age of 18) involved in your amicable divorce, you and your spouse are required to provide the family circuit court with additional documents to meet their minimum requirements. This includes a Uniform Child Custody Affidavit, and a parenting plan that must meet certain minimum requirements to be accepted by the judge. The family circuit court requires more for an uncontested divorce with minor child Florida.

These requisites include listing the number of overnights each parent will have with the kids, presenting the court with a reasonable timesharing schedule, the methods for each parent to contact their child(ren), and whether the parents are sharing parental responsibility for their child(ren). Uncontested divorce with minor child Florida can be more affordable and faster than traditional divorce.

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Uncontested Divorce with Minor Child Florida

Your uncontested divorce with minor child Florida must also include a financial affidavit from each parent/spouse. This is often called partial financial disclosure. Why is this document demanded by the court? A financial affidavit is required in an uncontested divorce in Florida where there are children because child support must be calculated and demonstrated accurately to the court. A financial affidavit can be extensive, but the alternative is to show months or years of financial documents as mandatory disclosures in a contested divorce. We can help answer your questions and take the guesswork out of your limited financial disclosure.

Another major requirement in your uncontested divorce with kids is the child support guidelines worksheet. This document will reflect the income attested to on your financial affidavits. Child support is based on statutory guidelines.

Among the primary factors in calculating the support amount are the number of overnights specified in your parenting plan, whether either party pays for health insurance for themselves and/or their children, and the parties’ net incomes after any and all allowable deductions have been taken (look to your financial affidavit). Uncontested divorce with minor child Florida is more involved than a divorce with only equitable distribution of your marital assets and liabilities (debts).

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